Private financial services offered by Pfser in Estonia and Latvia

Private financial services

Private financing is an easy and safe way to get funds for your requirements. With this in mind, we have developed a system in which our experts are always ready to help you make decisions on financial aspects. Not only that, they offer you the best deal. We make life easier by giving loans to meet your current requirements and commitments. Whether you are running a business or about to start, our website will act as the most valuable asset in your business.

Education company in Estonia

If your startup is in Estonia, you will enjoy it. This country is an offshore zone due to the reduction of income tax to zero. The country has been a member of the European Union since 2004. This jurisdiction is not blacklisted. ‚ÄĚThus, starting in Estonia, the entrepreneur bears a minimum tax burden, he can avoid negotiations when selling his goods in member countries.

Cryptocurrency in Estonia

Cryptocurrency can be considered as a digital analogue of fiat currency. You can use it to share. Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. Bitcoin is the most promising cryptocurrency. It is mainly used for intercontinental remittances because it is cheaper than using banks or services like PayPal. It is safe and decentralized. It uses blockchain technology and can never be hacked.

Estonia is a favorite destination for most business people for their cryptocurrency ICO. The ICO stands for Initial Coin Offer. Over the last few years, Estonia has seen a rapid increase in the number of ICOs on its soil. Speaking since 2007, more than 700 cryptocurrencies have been registered in Estonia alone.

The cryptocurrency market is on the rise, and Estonia is its center.

Company registration in Estonia

This is a very simple and quick process. All you need to do is follow these simple steps. Make a prepayment of 50%. Then, choosing an existing company or registering a new one. After that, clarify the information about the owner and authorized persons. Then deliver the existing document by DHL mail to any destination. The offshore zone in Estonia does not set requirements for obtaining work permits, but this does not apply to the procedure for obtaining a category D visa.

Formation of a company in Latvia

Latvia is well suited for doing business. Some businessmen are exempt from paying taxes. Registering a company is not so expensive. This country prefers international partnerships.

Company registration in Latvia

In Latvia, you only need one day to register a company. Circumstances, if you may need more than a day, are as follows:

  • Transfer of registration documents
  • The final calculation
  • Data registration
  • Communication with banks required
  • Sending the necessary documents to the interested institutions
  • Filling out company forms
  • Transmission of received feedback.